Best synonyms for 'as stated above' are 'as noted earlier', 'as indicated earlier' and 'as already indicated'.

Mar 18, 2014 · As previously mentioned.

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Synonyms for CONSIDERING: seeing, because, now, since, for, whereas, as, being (as or as how or that); Antonyms of CONSIDERING: ignoring, disregarding, overlooking.


Sep 9, 2018 · in accordance with. Before, I wrote. Mentioned earlier or higher on the same page.


Before, I mentioned. Referring to my previous point. .

More for you:. Ben Wallace has arrived in Kyiv for a surprise visit to meet his Ukrainian counterpart, Oleksii Reznikov.

As you will remember.

The Ukrainian defence secretary said the pair had a "very meaningful discussion" on.

. .

As you previously heard me say. as maintained by.

There is no reason to change your diet, as maintained by some lifestyle.

According to reports, the ceasefire is holding.

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in the light of. . antonyms.

irregardless. With reference to the subject above I am looking for a total change over of my Stack Exchange Network Stack Exchange network consists of 181 Q&A communities including Stack Overflow , the largest, most trusted online community for developers to learn, share their knowledge, and build their careers. As previously explained. as you can see. sentences.

as stated in/by, 2.

. as i said.

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Synonyms for ABOVE: atop, over, overhead, upwards, upward, aloft, skyward, sky; Antonyms of ABOVE: under, below, beneath, underneath, hell, perdition, inferno, Gehenna.